I love what I do. I love the variety of work that goes into sales. No two deals are ever the same and I love the competitive nature of it. In all of my other jobs before now, I’ve gone into an already established business, but joining CGI’s new Northern Ireland delivery team in January 2022 has given me a chance to do something different and really exciting for me. We’re leveraging CGI’s experience and stellar reputation to benefit a market we know we have so much to offer to and I love that idea.

It's incredibly exciting being able to shape CGI Northern Ireland and build up something new with fresh ideas and opportunities.

It’s full steam ahead

Things are moving fast for us in building up our Northern Ireland business and I’m loving the potential I’m seeing. We’ve opened new premises in Belfast City Centre, and are in the process of identifying premises in the North West. We’ve already started recruitment, and we’re delighted with the response so far. There is some exceptional talent around! It’s also great that we can take advantage of the fact we’re a new setup and a new office, so we can really create our own culture.

Our aim is to build up our presence in NI in phases. Right now, we’re focusing on recruiting our first 50 members. These members will focus initially on delivering services for CGI's client base both in GB and globally, but over the next 12 months, we will also look to build a public sector business in NI.

CGI prides itself on innovation and has a sizable global portfolio of IP. In Northern Ireland, we will look to collaborate with the education sector and SME community locally to create innovative IP. On the back of that, I'm excited by the opportunities that lie ahead to showcase Northern Ireland's talent, innovation and entrepreneurship to the wider CGI client base around the world.

Our long-term vision

Five years from now I see us being well established in two locations – the greater Belfast area and the North West.

Further to that, as a responsible business, CGI invests in the communities where members reside. I'm looking forward to working with our incoming NI members to invest in Northern Ireland, creating opportunities to support areas like STEM, climate change and mental health.

We will be selective and discerning in who we employ – we want ‘can do’ people who are equally as excited as we are about our plans, enjoy the challenge we are setting ourselves and want to be "in at the start" in building CGI in NI.

In short, we want ambitious, motivated people. We’re also planning to build a team that reflects the diversity of the local workforce – we want people from across Northern Ireland, from entry-level roles to roles for industry veterans.

There is so much opportunity at our fingertips here, and I have no doubt that the delivery centre we build in Northern Ireland will become a delivery leader in CGI.

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