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CGI joined Digital Catapult for the launch of Northern Ireland’s largest 5G testbed, set to supercharge smart manufacturing and education in the region

CGI is delivering ground-breaking 5G testbed facilities in Northern Ireland to supercharge smart manufacturing and education in the region over the next five years.

Alan Nunn
Alan Nunn

Innovation in Action – Connectivity enables the step changes we all need

07 September 2022 We all understand how important fixed and mobile broadband connectivity is, but are we fully realising the benefits for individuals, communities, businesses, and our planet? Faster broadband is just the start. Lower latency, high reliability and ubiquitous coverage enable so...

Web, mobile and IoT applications delivery all come with their own challenges. Our centre of excellence team deliver a full range of bespoke services, from idea conception consultation and prototyping through to product delivery, support and maintenance.

Carwyn Cook
Carwyn Cook

Small place, huge potential: The role of Smart Campus as a proving ground for Smart Place innovation

18 July 2022 In many areas, local authorities are exploring the potential of Smart Place technologies to improve outcomes both for citizens and for the local economy. At the other end of the scale, we find Smart Campus – but what exactly is...

Improving the lives and wellbeing of citizens and consumers

Improve your operational resilience through IoT monitoring and advanced analytics