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We explore how location-enabled applications can transform public sector delivery in the UK, inform police and enable better decision-making through adopting an Open approach to data and service provision.

This report explores the UK’s geospatial strategy and recommendations from CGI based on previous experience in developing and deploying location-enabled technologies and services, four key principles that support the strategy’s geospatial mission.

Three organisational capabilities industry leaders will need to help navigate the business challenges caused by COVID-19

This report explores the public safety and security challenges the country will face during the 2020s and 2030s. The final report which will conclude in 2021, will look at how we can respond to these challenges identified.

CGI and the Police Foundation explore the police mission, workforce and capabilities in the Strategic Review of Policing – the Revisiting the Police Mission paper.

Domestic abuse is a prevalent, high-impact crime with widespread and long-lasting consequences. Crest Advisory and CGI have undertaken research project to identify ways to address the twenty-first century challenges of tackling domestic abuse across the justice system and beyond.

This paper discusses how predictive models are built, ideal situations for applying them, calculating their return on investment, key predictive modeling trends and more.

In partnership with CGI, the Police Foundation embarked upon a project to explore how digitisation could be better harnessed by agencies across the justice system.

Every day, governments send tens of thousands of notices, reminders and legal warnings to citizens and businesses concerning unpaid taxes and other debts. Yet much of this correspondence is having no discernable impact. Even when agencies follow up with strongly...