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CGI and Shearwell Data Ltd deliver a new livestock tracing service for sheep, goats and deer.

The new digital mining report service was delivered as part of a wider system refresh which provides better service for customers and the opportunity to self-serve.

CGI’s ePayFact platform was chosen by Ordnance Survey to replace their existing payroll system and ensure seamless integration with new HR systems.

Exploring how CGI designed an open architecture based on open standards to create a web-based solution to effectively manage and maintain Active Travel data in Wales.

North Wales Police and CGI are working together on a community programme to support local initiatives and improve the quality of life for residents.

This case study explores CGI’s and Defra’s partnership to develop and deploy open-source architecture, tools and cloud-based solutions to provide timely, reliable and cost-effective access to critical, analysis-ready satellite data.

For the Agence Régionale de Santé Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (regional health agency in the Eastern part of France), CGI experts helped develop their go-forward strategy for operationalizing key COVID-19 measures to protect population health. This includes guidance and implementation assistance for appropriate...

One of the many significant impacts of the pandemic crisis is citizens’ increasing vulnerability to debt.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spread across the globe in the early months of 2020, the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) responded by launching a major clinical study to test a potential treatment for the illness. Funded by the Government of...