North Wales Police (NWP) serves a 700,000 strong, largely rural population. Since it was founded in 1974, it has earned the reputation as an innovator, using all the tools of modern policing to serve its citizens and keep its neighbourhoods safe.

As with any police force, strong community engagement is fundamental. In recognition of this, and building on an established relationship through the provision of an IT service desk to the force, in 2017 CGI embarked upon a new community partnership through the North Wales Police and Community Trust (PACT).

Children and police officers holding a banner

The Trust is a registered charity set up by the force in 1998 to work directly with communities and offers support through its grant-funding streams. This has resulted in CGI supporting over 100 PACT and NWP-led community projects across the region.

The programme supports projects helping all areas of the community including young people, families, vulnerable citizens and the elderly.

From helping to equip a forest school in Porthmadog, to supporting an arts programme for young people with mental health issues or providing plants for a community memorial garden, the initiatives are making a tangible difference to the lives of hundreds of people living in North Wales.

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