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Lee Almond
Lee Almond

The never-ending story of technical debt and how to remediate sustainably

19 June 2024 Technical debt is a never-ending challenge with on-going remediation work. In this blog, CGI’s Chief Data Officer, Lee Almond explores areas which can be avoided to help deliver tech debt and data debt remediation to reach your digital transformation ambitions.

Chris Smyth
Chris Smyth

Helping UK Government achieve cyber resilience targets

28 May 2024 Explore the many benefits of GovAssure, how it will support the Government’s cyber resilience 2030 plan, and how CGI can help you implement it for your business.

two consultants discussing plans seen on a tablet device
Agile Digital Services Team

Enterprise strategies for digital transformation

23 October 2023 This blog explores essential digital transformation strategies that have been proven to work from the experience of our Agile Digital Leaders and Enterprise Coaches, and in particular what opportunities this presents for your business.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region as part of our ongoing plans to cement our presence in the North West

Test Factory provides easy access to end-to-end testing that supports the delivery of quality products and services that work - on time, and on budget

Jaime Reid
Jaime Reid

Building a smarter state - anticipating the ripple effect

12 September 2023 At first glance, this sounds like an attractive and straightforward proposition – surely, we all want a smarter state, because after all, ‘smarter’ is associated with being ‘better’. We also know that progress has direct links to technological advancements, so...

We have partnered with Crest Advisory to deliver recommendations on how the use of digital technology can improve the current functioning of the criminal justice system (CJS).