In partnership with CGI, the Police Foundation has launched the first report of the Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales which explores how the threats to public safety are changing and assesses the ability of the police to meet these 21st century challenges.

As the challenges to public safety and security change over time it is key to identify how policing is orientated, organized and practiced in order to successfully re-think how policing can meet these rising demands. This first major report describes how the challenges to public safety and security have transformed, driven by technological change, globalisation and a rise in social problems. This in turn has increased demand on the police to respond to a huge landscape of crime and harm issues, but it is not clear whether the police have the necessary resources to manage such complex challenges and whether these fit the role and expectations of the police.

The overall aim of the review is to set the long-term strategic vision for English and Welsh policing. With there being a danger of the growing gap between what the police are able to deliver on and what the public expects, this report will explore the fundamental questions about how we should promote public safety and security in the 21st century. The ambition of the Police Foundation Strategic Review of Policing is to lay out a vision and articulate a plan that the police service can fulfil.

CGI look forward to continue its work with the Police Foundation with a second report which will explore what the role of policing is and what the role of other actors and institutions is who make a contribution to public safety and security. The final report will present the recommendations for a modern police service capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century, which will be published in summer 2021.