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CGI Trade360 delivers all of the software, infrastructure and support resources necessary to power a bank’s global trade business.

Rapid and Cost Effective access to a world class collections solution and expertise leaving you to focus on your core business

The introduction of the Open API economy is naturally opening up the global banking marketplace and creating opportunities. CGI’s Open Finance, is a collaborative, digital and secure banking solution that can successfully optimise your customer experience. It is an accelerator...

Many view open banking as a threat to traditional banking, as challengers and FinTechs seek to entice consumers through innovation. However, CGI sees it as a great opportunity for collaboration. CGI’s Open Finance, is a collaborative, digital and secure banking...

Data has become a key business asset and effective management of it is vital

Delivering quality at speed

The Auto Finance market is changing

CGI’s Insights to Action Report presents the global insights and perspectives we gain from listening to our clients, and showcases the innovative work we are doing to support them in becoming digital enterprises.

The adoption of the Open Banking standard will be just the first step on a much longer journey, and ignoring the disintermediation and maturity aspects inherent to this new ecosystem may have profound implications for business model profitability, and even...