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Test Factory provides easy access to end-to-end testing that supports the delivery of quality products and services that work - on time, and on budget

CGI’s Agile coaching service can augment, supplement and coach your in-house teams via our experienced Agile squads, helping you to avoid pitfalls and establish a holistic culture of productive Agile behaviours. Our aim is always to coach a step change...

By approaching Consumer Duty as an opportunity to accomplish the often hard-to-do stuff, companies could be moving closer to becoming fit-for-the-future data-led, customer-centric organisations.

CGI Credit Studio addresses the challenges of legacy IT and capitalises on the promise of digital transformation to enable financial institutions to become more agile, flexible, and customer-focused.

Cyber attacks are on the rise and the sophistication of the fraudsters is continuing to evolve. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has further tightened the Customer Security Programme (CSP) to ensure defences are up to date and...

Our HR and payroll business process services are trusted by some of the UK’s largest public sector and commercial organisations. Find out more about our solutions and services.

Siemens Managed Credit solution leverages CGI’s Open Banking solution Ordo, to provide energy suppliers with a payment option that reduces both the cost and risk associated with traditional payment options.

CGI Trade360 delivers all of the software, infrastructure and support resources necessary to power a bank’s global trade business.

The introduction of the Open API economy is naturally opening up the global banking marketplace and creating opportunities. CGI’s Open Finance, is a collaborative, digital and secure banking solution that can successfully optimise your customer experience. It is an accelerator...