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We are proud to announce our new partnership with the Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region as part of our ongoing plans to cement our presence in the North West

Test Factory provides easy access to end-to-end testing that supports the delivery of quality products and services that work - on time, and on budget

As sponsors of the 2023 Morph’s Epic Adventure Art Trail in London we visited our very own CGI Morph at Liverpool Street with our VP of our London sector, Adam Kobeissi. Watch to see what he says about our part...

Sean Devaney
Sean Devaney

Is post-quantum cryptography something we need to be looking at in the banking sector?

12 May 2023 We hear a lot in the press about quantum computing, quantum cryptography and post-quantum cryptography (PQC). Our banking expert looks at what the difference is between them all and how they can help the banking sector.

In this video, our established team of experts, who work together to accelerate organisational agility across our clients, talk about agile from their unique perspectives and experience.

Aston Cockayne
Aston Cockayne

Product Ownership: the key to successful Agile delivery

06 April 2023 More and more organisations are embracing ways of working that promote a step change increase in business agility to deliver new products and services that deliver value quicker. Companies are moving away from delivering projects and more towards delivering products...

The charity-owned social lender, Fair for You, discusses how their partnership with CGI is changing people’s lives. We are helping them uplift their technology through our innovative agile teams.