Each year, CGI meets face-to-face with business and IT leaders to hear the trends affecting their organisations and the implications for their business. These in-depth conversations delve into our clients’ challenges and opportunities, business and IT priorities, and budget and investment plans.

Digital, security and regulatory demands dominate

Across industries, executives we interviewed say that becoming more digital, securing data and systems and addressing regulatory compliance are higher priorities this year. Meanwhile, these leaders continue to grapple with fundamental change management as their employees strike a new balance between talent and technology.


Top 2018 trends across all industries


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While we note a number of similarities across the industries we serve, we recognise that executives experience transformation in the context of their industry, geography and organisational culture. To dive deeper into these variations, we provide CGI Client Global Insight reports by industry. 

We invite you to learn more about the 2018 CGI Client Global Insights reports and how we help clients on their digital journey. Contact us to arrange a personal discussion on these insights.

Download summary industry infographics below.

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Capital markets client global insights
Capital markets
Growing use of advanced data analytics, automation and new technologies, as well as cybersecurity and business model innovation, are cited by capital markets executives as dominant drivers this year.Download the infographic
Central and federal client global insights

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Central and federal government
Cybersecurity is this year’s top industry trend for central and federal government executives, while IT modernization tops both business and IT priorities.Download the infographic
Communications client global insights
Customer expectations in a highly competitive market are driving new strategies and business models needed to stay ahead, according to communications executives.Download the infographic
corporate and transaction banking client global insights
Corporate and transaction banking
Regulation, security, new technology advances, and real-time payments and platforms are cited by corporate and transaction banking executives as dominant drivers this year.Download the infographic
Defense, intelligence, space client global insights
Defense, intelligence and space
Defense, intelligence and space executives cite cybersecurity as the top industry trend, business priority, IT priority, and innovation investment area.Download the infographic
Health and life sciences client global insights
Health and life sciences
Patient and customer expectations are driving health and life sciences executives to advance their digital strategies and optimize operations.Download the infographic
Insurance client global insights
Digital transformation is cited by insurance executives as their top priority to meet the needs of both customers and brokers.Download the infographic
manufacturing client global insights
Data is becoming a significant focus to drive new opportunities for manufacturing executives—from supporting real-time decision-making, to collaborating more extensively, to providing more robust cybersecurity.Download the infographic
Oil and gas client global insights
Oil and gas
Digitalization, data insights, new operational models, revenue pressures and cybersecurity are cited by oil and gas executives as dominant drivers this year.Download the infographic
Retail and consumer services client global insights
Retail and consumer services
As customer demands for more seamless and personalized experiences grow, becoming digital organizations to meet their expectations continues to be the main focus for retail and consumer services executives.Download the infographic
Retail banking client global insights
Retail banking
Regulation and security are the dominant drivers for retail banking executives in the face of new regulatory schemes and the move to open banking.Download the infographic
State, provincial and local government client global insights
State, provincial and local government
Transforming the citizen digital experience and integrating cybersecurity are mission‑critical issues cited by state, provincial and local government executives.Download the infographic
Transport, post and logistics client global insights
Transportation, post and logistics
As transportation, post and logistics executives seek to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as respond to new, disruptive market players, the need to digitally transform permeates all aspects of the businessDownload the infographic
Utilities client global insights
Utilities executives share that as becoming digital organizations to meet customer expectations accelerates, changing business and operating models have become key to the energy transition.Download the infographic


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