Each year, CGI meets face-to-face with business and IT leaders to hear their perspectives on the trends affecting their organizations and the implications for their business. These in-depth conversations delve into our clients’ challenges and opportunities, business and IT priorities, and budget and investment plans.

In 2017, CGI conducted more than 1,300 in-person interviews with executives across 10 government and commercial industries and 17 countries. Across industries, executives are aligned that the digital needs of customers and citizens are bringing about the transformation of organizations around the world. 

Business and IT leaders are aligned when it comes to prioritizing digital transformation, with 85 percent of both business and IT leaders citing the need to become a digital organization to meet customer and citizen expectations as their top priority. 

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What additional priorities are driving business and IT leaders across industries and the globe? What stage are organizations in their digital transformation, and what types of transformation initiatives are underway? Download additional trend information from the 2017 CGI Client Global Insights summary. Contact us for a copy of the full report and to arrange a personal discussion with a CGI expert for further analysis and insights.