If it’s about security, It matters
A virus alert on a PC registered with the organisation. An email read by someone who shouldn’t have seen it in the first place. An unmanned desk with an email left open to view on the computer screen. Company equipment has been stolen. Normal service disrupted due to power failure or disasters such as fire or flood. Someone, not carrying a staff or visitor pass, in your office premises. Employees not following password security policies in the organisation. Any of these incidents constitutes a security breach and must be dealt with promptly. Before your customers begin to see them as a threat.

What’s important for organisations is to recognise the risk associated with such a breach and prepare measures to prevent its happening again. To prevent what might seem a one-off incident from becoming a trend and to scale down the impact that it might otherwise have on the organisation.

Security risk assessments must not be delayed in favour of ‘business critical’ work. For, there is a real threat to an organisation in the form of undiscovered security exposures. At CGI, we believe that recognising there is a breach or a potential threat is the first step to fixing it. And we’re here to help.

How can CGI help?
We have developed a ‘security health check toolkit’ to validate the level of security compliance in an organisation. It is based on the ISO 27000 series of standards. We have a team of security consultants who can be depended upon to manage such projects proficiently.

The toolkit has nine modules that cover security areas such as:

  • management and policy
  • identification and authentication
  • technical auditing
  • malicious software controls
  • network access controls
  • operational procedures
  • incident investigation
  • personnel procedures
  • physical security.

A separate approach, not contained in this toolkit, has been designed for business continuity.

Why work with CGI?
We’ll help you protect your people – whether it’s the citizens you need to keep safe or staff and customers – along with your operations and reputation. We’ll do so through solutions that build security into your organisation. Just as we have for governments globally and companies in every sector.