We all expect to access the information we need to do our job – when we need it, wherever we are. And it should be just the same, even when the information we need is restricted.

The Challenge

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has thousands of personnel working around the world, in offices or remote and hostile environments. Wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing, they all want access to the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. Some of this information is highly classified, but the majority is restricted or unclassified. If this restricted (IL3) level of information could be made available to MOD personnel on the move and accessible on a light, easy to use, trusted mobile device, it could change the way people work. Many MOD personnel use smartphones, tablets and apps at home. They expect information in their personal lives to be delivered conveniently - when they want it and how they want to see it. Why should it change when they put on a uniform and are deployed or walk through the doors of Main Building or Abbey Wood? And now it doesn’t need to.

Our Approach

We are operating an accredited managed service for Apple iOS 6 iPads or iPhones to Impact Level 3 (IL3) developed and accredited in accordance with UK CESG Security Procedures for Apple's iOS 6 platform. A CGIhosted UK data centre provides data access, device management and security services. It allows users to access standard, low cost COTS technology to allow rapid, inexpensive development and deployment using devices with which today’s “digital natives” are already familiar.

This is part of our “Information Enabled Capability” approach – where the focus is shifted from the traditional technology approach to the delivery of the information that service personnel need to do their jobs when they want it, where they want it and in the way they want it.

Using secure mobile devices can spark new ways of working – unlocking the value in information. A single, easy to use device acts as a window into other systems, allowing the users to reach the information they need, securely and conveniently. An iPhone or iPad can allow secure voice comms as well as data – all from one inexpensive, off-the-shelf device. These devices could become a key part of the end-to-end secure mobility service needed by the MOD - which could include a secure hosted service providing a military apps store which makes approved apps available on multiple secure mobile devices to the military personnel who need them.

Key Benefits

  • Agile – able to access multiple applications on one device
  • Efficient – you don’t need to travel back to the office just to send an email or find information
  • Effective – have all the right information to hand when you need to make a decision
  • Intuitive – users are already familiar with the device and the way applications work
  • Intuitive – accredited to IL3 with secure UK based managed service,
  • Protected - lost, stolen or compromised devices are remotely found and wiped