Never before has an organisation’s property portfolio been of such strategic importance to help sustain and support business growth. During these challenging times, the drive to reduce costs, optimise available space and increase yields and revenue is vital to remain competitive.

CGI, the established expert, having been the first partner in the UK to successfully implement an SAP Flexible Real Estate (RE-FX) solution, has subsequently gone on to work with a number of private and public sector organisations, delivering effective property management solutions based on SAP.

The Challenge

The property portfolio is one of the most valuable items on most organsiation’s balance sheet. For a broad range of industries including: International airports, local government, major utilities, retailers, property investment companies, and many more; omitting to manage these assets can have serious financial consequences for your organisation. Furthermore, when Real Estate business processes are not integrated with your core back-office processes, the impacts are not visible and hence frequently overlooked. Typical financial implications include:

  • Under utilised properties leading to a loss of revenue or an increase in occupancy costs
  • Reactive / tactical lease administration, leading to missed opportunities from a lack of visibility of upcoming critical dates
  • Expensive maintenance and repair bills and statutory fines
  • Difficulty in retaining and attracting new tenants

An understanding is emerging of the need for integrated, efficient and transparent Real Estate business processes to address some of these common issues.

Our Answer

CGI is exceptionally well placed to resolve these challenges and more, providing an essential platform for successful portfolio management and performance improvement. Our approach ensures you have instant and advanced visibility of critical dates in line with your business calendar, an immediate view of occupancy levels and the attributed cost of unoccupied space as well as more efficient maintenance and repair processing. This enables you to react quicker to a constantly changing market which in turn helps to retain and attract new tenants.

Key Benefits

  • Lower cost and risk deployment through CGI’s SAP framework
  • Lower support costs as the solution is fully integrated with SAP ERP
  • Elimination of data integrity problems by consolidating on fewer applications
  • Enable holistic real estate management by integrating, automating and unifying all property related data, business processing and reporting.
  • Manage all stages of a property lifecycle efficiently with visibility of critical dates fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
  • CGI Innovations provide property portals for occasional users, integration with GIS systems, mobility solutions, KPI dashboards and automatic calculation of DRC valuations.