Our approach

Our penetration testing approach combines thorough, quality service with flexible assessments of IT systems, we integrate respected standards like OSSTMM and OWASP with industry best practices and the MITRE ATT&CK framework for robust security evaluations.


Purple Team engagement

In a Purple Team engagement, we use attack trees to provide offensive (Red Team) and defensive (Blue Team) consultancy, overseen by a technical lead for controlled execution and effective reconciliation. This enables us to demonstrate the achievability of objectives within allocated time, analyse specialised attacks in real time, provide tailored recommendations, and enhance your understanding of infrastructure security.


Benefits for your organisation:

  • Scenario-based approach: We refine attack methods and detection capabilities through coordinated malicious actions executed by a test team in collaboration with the Blue Team.
  • Reporting and recommendations: Within ten days, receive a comprehensive report detailing attack methods and recommendations, including tooling improvements, process adjustments, and training suggestions.
  • Compliance and ethical testing: Conducted within legal frameworks like the Computer Misuse Act and Data Protection Act, with permission obtained from system and data owners before testing.


To learn more about how our penetration testing services can benefit your organisation: