In an era where cyber threats loom larger than ever, ensuring the resilience of government functions is paramount. Our GovAssure Services offer a robust five-stage approach, based on the acclaimed Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF), to evaluate and manage cyber risks effectively.


Why Act Now?

With cyber-attacks on the rise, the urgency to fortify government functions is evident. The UK government has set ambitious targets for cyber resilience, demanding significant hardening against cyber threats by 2025 and full resilience by 2030. The statistics are alarming: 69% of large businesses experienced cyber-attacks within a year, highlighting the pressing need for action. As cyber capabilities evolve and proliferate, the threat landscape will only intensify, making proactive risk management imperative.


Our Approach

At the core of our services lies the comprehensive CAF, comprising four objectives, fourteen principles, and thirty-nine outcomes. We leverage our expertise to guide you through the process, from defining strategic contexts to identifying essential services and their dependencies. Our five-step approach ensures a thorough assessment, culminating in the development and implementation of targeted improvement plans tailored to your organisation's needs.


What We Offer

Our GovAssure Services encompass a wide array of support, including assurance or assistance with initial outputs, scope identification, system prioritisation, self-assessment against the CAF, and development of improvement plans. Additionally, our government-qualified assessors stand ready to conduct independent reviews, ensuring objectivity and compliance.

In a landscape where cyber threats are ever evolving, our GovAssure Services provide a beacon of assurance, guiding government organisations towards enhanced cyber resilience and proactive risk management. Embrace the future of cyber security with confidence – explore our PDF document to learn more.