Organisations are increasingly dependent on information systems for all their business activities with customers, suppliers, partners and their employees. Organisations need to be confident that they can operate successfully and are compliant within legal and regulatory requirements. Their cyber security risks need to be understood in the context of the overall business, sponsored and supported at Board level and managed within the business. For decades we have supported our clients to embed cyber security into their business operations.

Our cyber security strategy service

We work with clients to identify and protect what is most valuable to them, align their information security to their business objectives, identify where their organisation might be vulnerable, the legislative and regulatory requirements they need to comply with and ensure that all staff have the training to understand their security responsibilities.

We can assess the level of cyber security maturity within an organisation, examining both the current and future environments based upon information provided by our client, its partners, suppliers and stakeholders, as well as our own knowledge of the cyber threat landscape.

We will identify the actions that need to be taken so that our clients can be confident their cyber security investment is at the right level and effective.

We provide a five stage process to review a client’s cyber security strategy:

  • Functional analysis
  • Cyber threat profile
  • Detailed in depth analysis
  • Cyber review report and options paper
  • Remediation

We can provide a fully operating Information Security Management System which will enable clients to respond quickly to business changes. Clients can reduce their operational costs by using our reporting and compliance managed service.