Many organisations are challenged by operating in an environment characterised by continuous growth in high-volume, transactional-events. Sectors like Postal, Logistics, Transport, Telecoms, Utilities, Media, Cloud and Retail invest millions in multiple business platforms to enable their businesses to compete effectively. This put a huge strain on budgets and the ability to adapt swiftly to changing market needs. CGI have developed a unique proposition to address this challenge and give organisations a clear competitive advantage.

CGI’s Mass Data Billing Service pre-packages SAP’s BRIM proposition along with other market-leading, best-of-breed components to deliver a flexible customer care and billing suite. We have developed an attractive pay-as-you-use commercial model, vastly reducing capital expenditure by up to 80%, and allowing for a value-based op-ex utilisation strategy which can reduce TCO by up to 50%.

The Challenge

  • How do you improve customer experience whilst keeping costs low?
  • How do you launch new products and services with reduced time-tomarket, to gain competitive advantage and capitalize on new revenue streams?
  • How do you increase revenues by reducing revenue leakage, lowering your operating costs, and increasing collections efficiency?
  • How do you ensure business agility whilst minimising disruption to existing operations, and customer interactions?
  • How do you gain greater customer insight to increase loyalty and revenues?
  • How do you integrate different data formats and integration protocols from within your operational network, to deliver your customers one seamless service and view of their resulting financial transactions, across multiple lines of business?
  • How do you derive the benefits of SAP billing, revenue and innovation management with enhanced sector-specific capabilities in the shortest possible time-scale?

Our Answer

CGI has invested heavily in building our industrialised, managed as-aservice platform ready to solve the pressing challenges many ‘high transaction-volume’ businesses face. Transport authorities will no longer need to invest in multiple back-office ticketing systems to address new modes of transport. Telco and Media companies no longer need to maintain and support multiple BSS stacks to facilitate multiple geographies, multiple target-markets, or multiple product/service bundles. Retail organisations no longer need disparate back-office systems to manage their various go-tomarket channels which traditionally deliver inconsistent customer experience. Utility and Energy companies no longer have to be constrained by legacy customer and billing systems, which are inflexible to the demands of smart-metering and offering diversified service portfolios to their customers.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce cap-ex by up to 80%
  • Reduce TCO by up to 50%
  • Reduce time to market by up to 50%
  • Reduce Operating costs
  • Increase customer service efficiency and loyalty
  • Increase billing accuracy and reduce revenue leakage
  • Enable new revenues stream quickly
  • Replace multiple legacy systems with a phased migration to an automated end-to-end business process solution
  • Handle millions of billing transactions and confidently grow your business and revenues
  • Easily differentiate product and service bundles and leverage your BI to maximise yield management and associated profits