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The huge growth in online sales across the retail sector has been matched by the rise of ever more elaborate forms of cyber-related crimes, estimated to cost the retail industry around £100 million in online fraud alone. With customers spending one in every four pounds online, retailers need to be doing all they can to mitigate against risk and maintain consumer trust and confidence.

However, the latest report from the Department of Culture, Media and Sports showed businesses in the retail sector (49%) were less likely than average to have sought information, advice or guidance on cyber-security in the past year; and are least likely (47%), compared other sectors, to have undertaken actions to help identify cyber risks.

We know the Board has a key role to play in supporting better cyber-security but with so many pressing and competing issues, how can we raise cyber security up the Board’s agenda?

On 14th June 2018, James Martin, BRC’s Crime and Security Advisor was joined by Richard Holmes, Head of Cyber Security Services at CGI UK, and Gianni Rino, CGI Global Industry Lead for Retail and Consumer Services, to share their insights, expertise and learning on cyber-security and Board engagement:

  • What is the role of the Board in supporting better cyber-security?
  • How to cost and communicate cyber risks to Board members
  • CGI’s cyber security recommendations every boardroom should adopt
  • Q&A

If you work in a retail organisation and are looking at cyber security, listen to “Gaining board alignment on cyber security” webinar recording now!  

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