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The SMIP For Dummies is your essential pocket guide to the Smart Metering Implementation Programme, the Government’s programme that will roll out an estimated 53 million smart electricity and gas meters to over 30 million homes and small business across Great Britain by 2020.

The SMIP is a behemoth of a programme, arguably bigger than any other retail utility industry change programme to date.

This book will make the ludicrous but entertaining attempt at summarising the key features of the programme, its main stakeholders and the smart metering infrastructure it’s aiming to deliver.








About the author

Chris Beard is one of CGI’s leading Subject Matter Experts in energy markets. Author of Smart Metering For Dummies, Smart Grids For Dummies and GB Electricity Industry For Dummies, Chris has spent the last 20 years working across all parts of the energy industry, helping companies to adapt and thrive within de-regulated markets.