Il peut être très complexe de faire le suivi de 4 millions d’échantillons de recherche. Grâce à la réalité mixte, nous permettons à Biobanken Norr de récupérer jusqu’à 3 000 heures de travail par année. CGI a développé la plateforme ...

500+ biotech/pharmaceutical  projects completed for 50 clients


Millions of Danes benefit from a  CGI-developed system for pathology


7 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical  companies are clients


CGI expertise and services help life sciences organizations increase speed, efficiency and innovation, while keeping pace with compliance demands. Key capabilities include:

  • Commercial launch and operations to simplify planning and execution and improve launch efficiency

  • Clinical services to reduce the duration of drug development timelines

  • Manufacturing innovation to achieve end-to-end supply chain optimization, manufacturing execution excellence, transport management and ERP, including Industry 4.0

  • Regulatory compliance to help clients continuously monitor clinical drug safety data across the entire product life cycle

  • Outsourcing to improve the management and operation of company-wide infrastructures, application suites and business processes

  • Intelligent automation to increase efficiency of operations by combining advanced analytics with IoT and AI for predictive maintenance

CGI solutions and services also have supported:

  • For an international Swiss pharmaceutical company, data cleansing as a part of data migration process

  • For an international pharmaceutical company, bringing product to market faster and more effectively through design, implementation and maintenance of an integrated clinical portfolio framework and architecture

  • For a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Germany, maintenance and development of a risk management tool, knowledge management application and software solution to manage biological entities

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