The cooperation between CGI and Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology, Lahti plant, has continued for more than 10 years. In global business operations, real-time & high-quality information both internally & in the direction of the subcontractors is a requirement for controlling business operations. In a changing market dynamics, making correct decisions requires high-quality information in a cyber-secure & easy manner, regardless of time & place.

Using CGI Profio360 IP helped in continuous monitoring, development and reporting of services. The system is continually developed to allow for an ever higher degree of automation. A significant role is also played by integration of systems both between the plant’s own and the systems of third parties

Value delivered: 

  • The manageability, efficiency, and profitability of the plant has improved each year
  • From week-based control of resources to real-time management of resources, loads, and work queues
  • Uniform information systems save costs in stock management
  • Transparency of sales and production make the steering of operational functions easier
  • Cooperation between the Lahti plant and the warehouses of the Group and the subcontractors improved
  • Improved customer satisfaction: shorter delivery times, more controlled quality, faster dealing of warranty issues


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