Its about the right data

While data pours in from countless sources in ever-increasing volumes, types and quality levels, many organizations struggle with accessing, analyzing and transforming that data. CGI Advanced Analytics Solutions helps clients filter through the noise to expose the most valuable data and insights that lead to better outcomes. Our services include:

Data strategy

We assist you in finding and harvesting true strategic value from your data. Through value co-creation we have the ability to develope new services and business models revolving around data.

  • KPI driven business management

  • Data driven products and services innovation

  • Data monetization concepts

  • Data strategy and architecture definition

Business Intelligence

Visualized data combined with data science provides you with the tools to manage your business in the most effective way. We assist you in reaching excellence.

  • Business intelligence

  • Predictive analytics

  • Machine learning

  • Cluster analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Self-service tools


Customer insight

Taking advantage of rich sources of customer data and the methods of data science enables you to enhance customer experience and to boost the processes of sales and marketing. We know how.

  • Customer analytics

  • Sales analytics

  • Marketing analytics

  • Privacy consultation

Analytics of Things

We are experienced with all kinds of data sources. IoT and Analytics of Things have enabled us to build new concepts and solutions in multiple areas of business.

  • Factory analytics

  • Location analytics

  • Quality control

  • Workplace safety

Data solutions

Our world class technology team assists you in choosing and implementing the best-fit solution for your needs. We are experienced, objective and independent.

  • Technology selection and implementation

  • Tools analysis

  • Data platform analysis

  • Data migrations

  • Master data management

  • Data modelling

Support services

We offer a range of support services to assist you in getting full benefit of your analytics solution.

  • User guidance

  • Maintenance and further development

  • Training services

  • Resources for short-term lease

Microsoft Gold Partner
AWS Consulting Partner
Google Cloud Platform
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Developing knowledge-based management with the help of data

Valtori had identified a need for a modern data platform to which data from different sources can be combined and utilized for different business needs. The first step towards efficient data utilization was taken with CGI in the Data Hub Design Sprint.

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Using advanced machine learning to improve the customer experience

CGI’s machine learning solution helps the world’s largest Arabic video-on-demand (VOD) service enhance user experience. A scalable recommendation engine aims to make the service more accessible, grow the user base and retain SHAHID’s existing base of millions of users.

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Artificial intelligence detects cerebral hemorrhage

Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) decided to find out if artificial intelligence could help identify cerebral hemorrhages. With the help from CGI data scientists the results opened up unprecedented opportunities already in the first phase of research.