HY247 is an in-house company of the University of Helsinki that is responsible for providing real estate services for the university’s approximately 300 properties. These services include construction, maintenance, cleaning and more.

HY247 needed a modern solution that would enable managers to more intelligently plan, monitor and report on work shifts and work orders for their approximately 300 employees. At the same time, the company wanted a tool for allocating the work hours of employees among 300 different properties and for obtaining better property-specific information.

The objective of the second stage of the project included the integration of CGI Mobilog into the company's payroll and reporting systems.

CGI’s Mobilog solution met the need, delivering an easy-to-use mobile ERP solution that includes a work supervision app for managers and supervisors, as well as a mobile app for workers in the field. It supports fast advanced planning and modification of work tasks, as well as the transfer of work tasks from one person to another.

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