The Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington

The Catalogue for Philanthropy promotes smaller, high-impact, carefully-evaluated, community-based nonprofits. The Catalogue amplifies the voices of these organizations, making a measurable difference in the Greater Washington, DC area, extends their impact, and accelerates their success by connecting them with individuals who want their own giving to have more impact. The featured nonprofits make life better in every facet of our lives: protecting our rivers, keeping the arts alive, teaching our children to succeed in school, healing the uninsured, and protecting our vulnerable citizens at home and abroad. Originally a print catalogue on its own, the Catalogue has evolved into a successful multi-media, multi-channel, multi-partner initiative focused on strengthening nonprofits and expanding philanthropy in the Greater Washington region.

The Challenge
In 2009, the Catalogue realized the need to update its web presence and portal capabilities to accomplish its mission. The Catalogue sought to leverage its existing partnership with CGI to improve the donor experience, increase visibility, generate a new revenue stream, and, ultimately, impact the community in positive ways.

How CGI helped
CGI Federal provided more than 800 hours of IT expertise and support, helping to design, develop, and deploy an updated version of the existing website and launch a new co-branded portal initiative. The Web 2.0 update features an array of new functionality, improved customization opportunities, and enhanced connectivity.

Within six months, CGI and the Catalogue launched the country’s first regional philanthropy website, which connects donors with vetted, local nonprofits. Within one year, their collaboration launched the country’s first portal designed to help regional companies easily integrate an ethic of community involvement and employee engagement into the workplace. Benefits of the new technology solution include:

  • Innovative Web 2.0 features
  • Fusion of web presence for more than 300 nonprofits
  • Increased donations and new corporate partnerships
  • Improved donor tools and access

The bottom line: CGI’s technical and financial support has helped the Catalogue improve its web presence and nurture the movement to expand philanthropy in the Greater Washington, DC area.


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