Due to complex legislation and other customer-specific preconditions, an off-the-shelf solution was insufficient to meet Finland’s requirements for a new driver license information system. CGI recognized that a custom design was needed and built an innovative system that addresses all of Finland’s business needs.

The challenge

Trafi, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, needed a driver license information system that would manage information for driver license exams and driver license cards. The system had to be able to save, update and delete data and be accessible by multiple users for different tasks related to driver license exams and card issuance.

The solution

CGI built a custom, web-based application server system using a service-oriented architecture that would meet Trafi’s stringent business and technology requirements. The system was programmed in Java and integrated with a DB2 database.

As development proceeded, Trafi wanted wizard-like user interfaces and advanced business rules that could interpret complex legislation. We implemented a rules engine, as well as sophisticated user interfaces for managing information, such as updating a customer’s history and correcting data inconsistencies.

The results

The new system handles a wide range of driver exam information for various types of driver licenses, as well as information for driver license cards. The system can manage information regardless of location, is accessible by multiple agencies, and is highly scalable. 

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