Complete, end-to-end UMA functionality

A comprehensive Unified Managed Account (UMA) platform requires more functionality than just sleeves and overlay management. CGI’s Wealth360 portfolio management solution provides complete, end-to-end functionality to support the full breadth of a firm’s UMA requirements.

Running a profitable UMA strategy requires a strong technological foundation and the knowledge and experience to back it up. CGI’s Wealth360 UMA solution offers full, multicurrency, sleeve and account level processing and trading, and fully-integrated internal overlay management. Firms can combine internally and externally managed sleeves, as well as sleeves for non-managed assets, to provide investors with just the right mix of tailored management expertise, as well as the ideal platform to consolidate their holdings.


CGI’s Wealth360 portfolio management solution provides complete, end-to-end functionality—from order management and GIPs-compliant performance to back office processing and consolidated client reporting. Realize the efficiencies and increased profitability that comes with a single integrated solution.

CGI Wealth360

CGI’s Wealth360 portfolio management solution provides comprehensive support for UMA, as well as more traditional managed account programs. It’s part of the larger CGI Wealth360 suite of solutions that help wealth management professionals anticipate change, offer creative options, and increase efficiencies as they manage their clients’ investments. From front office sales tools to middle-office decision making and back-office administration, CGI Wealth360 delivers an industry-leading, end-to-end wealth management solution.

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