CGI Application Services Optimization Program (CGI ASOP) is a transformational approach to application services management focused on achieving client business objectives and delivering expected benefits and value. Based on an outcome-based model executed by high performance teams, CGI ASOP continually improves performance, enhances quality and drives innovation.

Leading organizations are transforming application services (AS) management from an overhead cost to a strategic driver. This type of transformation requires a new approach to AS management—one that focuses less on resources and more on results. Aligned with industry standards (ITIL®*, CMMI®), the best application delivery approaches (agile, DevOps) and CGI’s Client Partnership Management Framework (CPMF), CGI ASOP drives strategic transformation and outcomes for organizations worldwide.

What makes CGI ASOP different? CGI ASOP enables organizations to accelerate business agility through the following functional model:


Managed teams:

Optimize and automate processes in a culture of working collaboration


Managed services:

Drive predictability with agile and DevOps processes and touchpoints


Managed performance:

Enable KPI- and metric-driven transformation by linking execution to strategy for continuous improvement

key enablers

Key enablers: Technology and metrics:

Benefit from agile, flexible, scalable technologies and toolsets to respond to rapid changes in business needs