Dr. Eltjo Poort is an authority on the topic of architecture in the digital world. He leads CGI’s community of architects and is the founder and owner of CGI’s agile architecture approach Responsive, Collaborative Digital Architecture (RCDA).

Apart from his work designing and evaluating IT solutions as an architect, Eltjo helps organizations transform their architecture practices in line with the need for agility and speed. He has shared his experiences in dozens of scientific papers, magazine articles, blog posts and a PhD thesis. 

Eltjo has become a prominent international expert in this area, as witnessed by his many best presentation and best paper awards. He is a peer reviewer for leading publications like “IEEE Software Magazine” and “Journal of Systems and Software,” and a program committee member for key architecture conferences like SATURN and ICSA.

Eltjo teaches architecture courses at VU University, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Lorentz Center. He also is a recipient of the 2016 Linda M. Northrop Software Architecture Award.