Space increasingly provides the information needed to understand and mitigate the effects of climate change. Earth observation (EO) missions gather information about the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems. These assessments inform our climate knowledge, science, monitoring and early warning systems, guiding policy change and practical action.

CGI is a proud sponsor of LPS22. Our EO experts look forward to participating in several oral presentations and poster sessions, where they are available for conversations. These include:

Oral presentations

C5.02Big EO data platforms – Presentation on the VANTAGE platform for analysis and exploitation of video from space

  • CGI co-presenters: Dr. Gaetano Pace, Director, Consulting Services, and Alesandro Marin, Director, Consulting Expert, Italy

B3.04Traceable Underpinning Terrestrial and Helio-Studies (TRUTHS) – Presentation on the ESA’s climate satellite mission

  • CGI presenter: Jon Earl, Director, Consulting Expert, UK

Digital Twin Earth (DTE) – Lessons learned from the DTE food systems project

  • CGI presenter: Dr. Chandra Taposeea-Fisher, Senior Consultant - EO, UK

GPU processing tools – GPU tools from CGI in Estonia, crop prediction in Ukraine and BULPP use cases

  • CGI presenter: Russell Gibson, Project Manager, Estonia

Poster sessions

A8.4 – Ocean health - Seagrass monitoring 
C5.02 Big EO data platforms 
  • EOPaaS platform 
  • Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform (FS-TEP) crop type mapping 
  • FS-TEP: recent advances and evolutions 
  • Scalable platform-based solution for rapid response to oil spill detection and monitoring 
B7.03 – New space missions with small and nanosatellites - PHI-Sat-2: Onboard AI apps for innovating EO techniques 
D1.06 – Satellite EO and machine learning (ML) for monitoring natural hazards: Opportunities and challenges ahead
  • Development of a novel burned-area mapping service using ML and Copernicus Sentinel-2 data 
C1.08 – Advanced solutions for SAR processing and analytics
  • Toward bulk EO processing via parallel computing 
A3.12 – Forest monitoring    
  • Tree-high monitoring, a tri-stereo approach; analysis of state-of-the-art achievable accuracy at VHR with different commercial data providers 

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