Promoting art and culture is an important part of CGI’s corporate social responsibility commitment, and our Saguenay, Quebec office is one example of what we’re doing to invest in positive cultural experiences.

In 2003, our team in Saguenay launched an initiative that involves organizing exhibitions every six months to showcase the work of local artists and artisans from a variety of disciplines. The exhibitions are held in our Saguenay office, giving our members and their families, clients and visitors an opportunity to enjoy and purchase local art.

Through these exhibitions, local artists and artisans, especially those who are just starting out and striving to become better known, have been able to share their talent, as well as profit from their labors and build their clientele.

The initiative has opened up the world of art to many of our members, fostering cultural awareness, education and dialogue. CGI receives no monetary profit from the exhibitions, and 20% of all art sales are donated to Opération Enfant Soleil, a not-for-profit organization that raises funds for the development of high-quality pediatrics and contributes to social health projects for children throughout Quebec.

To date, our Saguenay office has held 17 exhibitions, showcasing the work of more than 90 local artists and artisans. All exhibitions are organized by our selection committee, which assesses each submission objectively and with respect.

Helping to advance and support local art and culture in the communities in which we live and art is a key priority for CGI, and these exhibitions have given us a great opportunity to do so.