Two CGI consultants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, both of whom are environmentally conscious in their personal lives, decided to get together to incorporate more “green” practices in the workplace. They formed a “Green Team” within CGI’s Atlantic Canada business unit (ABU), and, today, that team has grown to include CGI professionals in four offices across three provinces, including Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

The team has organized a wide range of “green” initiatives, including the following:

  • Eliminating the use of paper coffee cups (the team purchased and distributed reusable ABU Green Team mugs to all members)
  • Introducing composting to eliminate food/organic waste from office garbage
  • Placing “Battery Buckets” throughout the offices to ensure batteries aren’t thrown away
  • Looking into reducing the power usage of vending machines through devices that power down the machines when they’re not in use
  • Organizing “Get Caught Being Green” campaigns (“Green Police” volunteers watch out for colleagues performing “green” activities in the office and award prizes)
  • Planting trees in local places, such as elementary schools and nursing homes   
  • Posting signage to help colleagues know what type of waste goes where and to remind them to turn off meeting room lights
  • Organizing “lunch-and-learns” with local municipalities to educate colleagues on being environmentally responsible
  • Holding eco-trivia contests to educate members on green practices

“Through these initiatives over the past two years, we’ve reduced our office waste and energy consumption, while educating colleagues on the importance of being environmentally responsible,” said Sarah Creighton Willett, one of the two who organized the team. “We’ve also formed strong connections with our local communities through our outreach efforts.

“It’s exciting to see what can be achieved by a small group of people coming together to make a positive impact on the environment,” she added. “And, we appreciate the ongoing financial and morale support we’ve received from CGI management. It’s great to work for a company that shares and encourages our environmental commitment.”