Managing the customer relationship is a key concern for companies looking to foster customer loyalty

A company’s success depends on its ability to create and nurture mutually profitable relationships with its customers. Companies must understand their customers, engage them in collaborative conversation, and effectively collaborate around sales, marketing and customer service activities.

Organizations face many challenges in the way they engage with customers. To meet these challenges, they must shift from a product-centric to a customer-focused organization and integrate various communication channels in order to provide a consistent customer experience. In addition, the explosion of social-networking is making customer communication management increasingly complex.

CGI’s customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help companies create a 360-degree view of their customer base and quickly adapt to their customers’ changing requirements in order to achieve successful, customized relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

CGI’s customer relationship management services and solutions

To help companies build better relationships with their customers, CGI offers the following services:

Identify, shape and steward the adoption of the strategy, process and technology components that maximize the benefits of your CRM program for unique business situations

Build a comprehensive CRM platform with the right components to maximize ROI and reduce risk

Increase lifetime value and profitability of each customer through development of an enterprise-wide perspective of customer worth. (see Decision Analytics for more information)

Develop models to predict customer behaviour and preferences, creating profitable cross-sell/up-sell and retention opportunities and increasing customer satisfaction

Design, testing and implementation of customer treatment strategies and campaigns to improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing initiatives

Implement sales processes and systems that allow sales professionals to effectively sell the right products to the right customers at the right time

Provide consistent and personalized customer experiences across all channels - telephony, IVR, Web and wireless - through the right combination of people, process and technology

Increase sales and improve customer service by proactively engaging with your customers on social networks including Twitter, Facebook and more

CGI has established successful partnerships with leading CRM software vendors to deliver integrated solutions that focus on people, processes and technology.

This CRM software provides the tools and information needed to create a 360-degree view of customers, using a highly flexible solution that can adapt, grow and scale with a business. Built on a platform that gives you the ability to choose on-demand, on-premises, or to move between these deployment options, Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software provides a solution that is easy to adapt as a business changes. CGI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

This software comes in more than 20 industry-specific versions. It allows you to support all aspects of customer relationship management, including sales, services, call centres, marketing, customer order management and partner management. Prebuilt integrations with other Oracle applications lower costs and improve customer satisfaction. Oracle’s Siebel offers on-demand and on-premises deployment as well as an integrated model. CGI is a Certified Advantage Partner with Oracle. To learn more about this software…>>

This customer relationship management solution operates in the cloud and allows the automation of all business processes as well as sales and marketing activities, providing the company with a 360-degree strategic visibility. It also includes, an application development platform that allows complete customization according to the specific needs of an organization. Its social customer relationship management capabilities leverage the power of CRM combined with the critical channel that is social media. Salesforce Mobile provides instant access to Salesforce information on all devices. This solution helps to increase earnings and to establish high-quality, long-term customer relationships while improving productivity and fostering collaboration within the company. To learn more about this software…>>

Strata® Enterprise is CGI’s proprietary decision management engine. It allows you to create, execute, measure and experiment with decision strategies across the costumer relationship cycle. CGI has been granted eight U.S. patents for the decision management innovations built into Strata. To learn more about this software…>>

Part of the SAP Business Suite, this solution provides the insight and analysis to anticipate customer needs and build lasting, profitable customer relationships. SAP CRM enables integrated industry-specific processes to support customer-facing departments in marketing, sales and service. It also provides 360-degree view across all customer touch points and interaction channels - including the Internet, interaction centres and channel partners - as well as powerful analytics. CGI is a certified SAP Hosting and Alliance Partner. To learn more about this software…>>

CGI’s Applied Customer Insight (ACI) allows organizations to get to know their customers better. It lets you collect data from multiple points of service, interpret it and implement measures based on the results. CGI partners with customer insight leaders such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, as well as small retailers, to deliver innovative solutions that increase the agility of companies and their customer knowledge so they can customize customer relationships and drive profitable growth. 

Why CGI?

To help you implement or improve your customer relationship management systems, CGI has a team of hundreds of specialists around the world, certified to work with various CRM platforms. CGI’s local presence, supported by its global capabilities, ensures a high level of local reactivity and accountability, and offers all the advantages of a worldwide team of experts.

In addition, to ensure a superior quality of intervention and a high level of satisfaction, CGI partners with leading CRM solutions vendors, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

CGI also offers business intelligence and data warehousing solutions as well as customer-facing services to improve the customer experience across multiple communication channels.

Experience and expertise

CGI experts around the world are helping numerous businesses in various industries, including government agencies, to successfully implement customer relationship management solutions.

Contact us today for more information about how CGI can help you transform your customer relationship management and to learn more about our customers’ success stories.