Our cloud experts work with you to use the cloud more strategically—no matter where you are on your modernization journey. Our value-based, differentiated cloud modernization approach helps your organization:

  • Assess and treat each application differently based on multiple factors that drive or hinder value creation
  • Flexibly scale to modernize your entire application portfolio efficiently
  • Handle the domain-by-domain decomposition and rebuilding of complex and monolithic business systems, including mainframe (or handle their replacement with modern SaaS solutions)
  • Tackle the strategic build out of foundations, such as multi-cloud, cloud-native development and runtime, API gateway, and distributed, de-siloed dataflow environments

Overall, we work with you to achieve the following:

  • Elimination of technical debt at scale using a differentiated factory model that operates under an agile framework
  • Foundational transformation to enable business agility using a range of accelerators and tools
  • Joint execution of your modernization by collaborating on analysis, architecture, planning, design, development and operations

Our end-to-end IT and Application Cloud Modernization Services include

  • Cloud Foundations
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Application Portfolio Strategic Modernization
  • Core Business Systems Modernization
  • Data, Analytics and AI Modernization

Learn more about these services and how we can help you achieve your IT and cloud application modernization goals.