With its large network of retail stations, often in multiple countries, the oil and gas industry has always been among the leaders in developing new payment and loyalty solutions. But today, the fuel retail market is going through significant change driven by the evolution of market dynamics, technology and innovation, competitive forces, cost to serve, and regulations and compliance.

As the downstream sector faces these challenges along with the push toward a new generation of automobiles, the case for new approaches is strong.

CGI PayPartner360 is a world-leading fuel card payment solution that takes into consideration all elements of the card life cycle. It is underpinned with an enterprise solution that is secure, reliable, scalable and future proofed. The solution is offered as a service, deploying a single integrated issuing and acceptance software platform, featuring:

  • Support for Closed Loop Fuel cards and Open Loop Scheme cards, as well as prepay, postpay, gift, and loyalty cards
  • Support for magnetic stripe, Chip and PIN and contactless cards, and mobile payments
  • Rich functionality – from strong authorization and stand-in rules, rich pricing and flexible merchant settlement, to online credit management tools, integral real-time loyalty and multinational currencies and VAT
  • Highly secure and fully certified with PCI-DSS

CGI PayPartner360 provides the opportunity to move all payment processing to a single platform with all data integrated into one operational database. The immediate benefit can be seen in the reduction of operational costs:

  • One production organization
  • One computer installation/center
  • No data duplication or data synchronization problems

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