Maxime Lach

Maxime Lach is a software developer based in France. Maxime joined CGI after completing a technical training program and started working hands-on for a large retail client. He believes that social connections play a pivotal role in shaping a person’s life at work. This belief led him to train and volunteer as part of CGI’s global Mental Health Ambassadors’ network to support colleagues in their health and well-being journey.

Hi Maxime – thank you for meeting with us! Tell us about how you got started at CGI. 

I was completing a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) training program in a professional development firm that CGI partners with for recruitment in France. Once I completed my training, I spent some time learning more about CGI, and when I got the opportunity to join the company, I grabbed it. I knew this would be a unique opportunity to deepen my technical skills in a global setting, and here I am six years later! 

Once you joined, how do you feel CGI helped grow your career? 

CGI is a global company present in 400 locations with over 90,000 CGI Partners. From the sheer scale of the company, combined with the diverse industries we serve, I was sure I could learn a lot and develop my skills in different roles. 

I was hired to support a large retail client in France that was expanding internationally. I helped the client with IT support and application development for six years. Through our internal learning platform, CGI Academia, I received my Professional Scrum Master certification, which has helped me apply Agile principles to the way our team works and improve collaboration and efficiency. 

During the project, I had the opportunity to deepen my J2EE and agility knowledge and skills, which is one of the primary reasons I was selected to work in my current assignment as a developer focusing on InterSystems Caché database for a government client. I’ll also be implementing Agile practices for this client; it’s a really interesting assignment and it’s pretty exciting.

It seems like your experience at CGI has provided many learning opportunities. Can you tell us more about how you are supported during your last client assignment? 

Our work with the client was critical to their daily operations, so my team and I were under a fair bit of pressure. It never affected me negatively, thanks to my manager, who always ensured I remained motivated. His leadership style aligns with our values as a company, and it’s important for him that we do meaningful work. I am always encouraged to explore my professional interests. It’s important to my manager that we don’t ever feel “stuck” in our roles.

Another reason work is so fulfilling is because I am surrounded by very supportive colleagues. I think this part of a job – the social connections – is essential. That’s why I volunteered as a member of CGI’s global Mental Health Ambassadors network. I received the Mental Health First Aider training internally to help colleagues who are struggling with their mental health. This has made me feel like I can make a difference for others, which makes my work as a CGI Partner even more meaningful. 

Overall, the health and well-being support and culture at CGI is amazing. Oxygen, our global health and well-being program, provides great resources and tools for us and our families, and the Mental Health Ambassadors network complements it well. 

Maxime playing music

That’s amazing. What’s your biggest lesson from being a Mental Health Ambassador? Any advice to share?

The most important lesson I’ve learned and would like to share is that we don’t need to go through life challenges alone. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when we need it. Sometimes, all we need is someone to talk to or to remind us that there are people and resources available if we need help. 

Also, if you think someone around you might be struggling, don’t hesitate to check in with them. It’ll probably only take a minute in your day, but it will likely make a world of difference to that person. 

That’s very true. Thank you for sharing your journey at CGI, Maxime.


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