Winning customers and becoming their primary choice for payments has never been more challenging. Innovation is driving choice and changing habits. Customers are exploring not only new payment methods, but also new payment providers. CGI PayPartner360 helps card processors, banks and retailers win the war for customers’ wallets.

CGI PayPartner360 offers card processors, banks and retailers an innovative card solution that stands out from the competition, attracts customer attention and leads to dominance in an ever-growing and ever-changing market.

The solution provides a highly scalable, flexible and unified transaction platform that supports payment authorizations, card account management, clearing and settlement. It simplifies and modernizes card payments, delivering a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Sophisticated bonus and loyalty schemes
  • Single platform and interface for all cards
  • Extended functionality that supports standard credit cards while lowering costs for debit cards
  • Risk minimization and value maximization

Further, when CGI assumes full responsibility for running a payment provider’s migration to CGI PayPartner360 and managing the solution’s various services, we free the provider’s resources to focus on other critical business priorities.

In implementing CGI PayPartner360, we also deliver additional capabilities, including the following:

  • POS solution integration to increase payment functionality at the time of purchase
  • Campaign tools to quickly launch marketing initiatives for customer segments
  • Support for highly flexible and parameter-driven new products
  • Support for flexible financing parameters
  • Mobile app integration, including bonus and loyalty schemes