From the seabed to space and into the metaverse, we’re committed to a more sustainable world

We are proud to be a partner of the COP27 Presidency and the host nation. We believe that technology can support our clients with the transition to net zero through innovations and sustainable technologies.

Addressing our environmental impact and supporting the communities in which we operate is fundamental to our purpose. We have set ambitious environmental sustainability goals, to be carbon net zero by 2030 globally to support the delivery of sustainable long-term business performance, reduce risk and increase social impact.

“Through our ethical, socially and environmentally sustainable business practices, we strive to deliver value for all three of our stakeholders – our clients, our employees and our shareholders.”

George D. Schindler President and Chief Executive Officer

CGI Metaverse stand at COP27



This year, our experts will showcase our metaverse innovation and the opportunities this technology offers to fight climate change. Together with our speaking partners and clients, we will highlight how enhanced virtual collaboration can help to significantly reduce carbon emissions and the technology industry’s pivotal role in supporting governments and businesses transition to net zero.


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LinkedIn Live Events

We have a number of events taking place throughout COP 27 where our speakers will provide insights across all themes, but in particular the vital role technology plays in supporting our clients to achieve their own sustainability ambitions. You can join our events live on LinkedIn.


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Consultant with tablet - COP27

Researcher holding seedling specimen

Developing  ground-breaking solutions with SEEDS

Our SEEDS programme is an exciting research initiative to challenge the thinking and practice around sustainability – developing  ground-breaking products and solutions, providing benefits for governments, businesses, and individuals.

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person putting hand through pink and blue light portal

Exploring the Metaverse


During COP27 we will demonstrate the opportunities and the role of technology in the fight against climate change and how the metaverse can be used as a key collaboration function without borders.

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Researcher in a green house

Supporting business to Be More Green


In partnership with the CBI, we are proud to deliver the CBI Be More Green Toolkit which outlines the importance of businesses innovating to decarbonise and to become more sustainable.

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Our journey to net zero

We believe that business has an obligation to act responsibly, a belief which is realised across our organisation.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability is essential to attract and retain clients and members, and to address citizen demands to reduce the impact of client change.


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seagrass on the seabed

We're partnering with Project Seagrass. Using Earth Observation and CGI Geodata360  to identify the healthy seagrass meadows and raise awareness of its benefit to reduce the UK’s Carbon Footprint.

shoal of fish in the ocean

We are supporting the UK Government £20M pledge to establish the Blue Belt Programme protecting vital marine habitats around the UK’s 14 Overseas Territories. 

Tractor ploughing a food crop field

We’re working on the Digital Twin Earth Precursor project, alongside ESA, Oxford University and IIASA to develop a Food Systems Digital Twin.

Person in hi-vis jacket and hard hat uses a tablet device next to a pile of logs

We are supporting Forestry England through developing the eTimber platform, enabling sustainable usage of natural resources and the responsible preservation of woodlands across England.

Aerial view of buildings in a smart city setting

CGI SensorInsights360 will be implemented through a Smart City Operations Centre, for the City of Edinburgh Council. This real-time data platform delivers an end-to-end approach to the Internet of Things (IoT), asset data collection and asset management. 

satellite in space

We are working on AI4EO Wildfires, combining Earth Observation, AI and cloud computing to tackle devastating fires.

Driving change

Driving change with digital, data and technology to protect our oceans and reduce carbon emissions.

Harnessing data

Harnessing the power of digital, data and technology to support sustainable environment and agriculture.

Delivering sustainability

Delivering solutions to help organisations create a positive economic, social and environmental impact.