Before COVID-19, 5G was a priority not only for most mobile network operators but also for government and industry. Now, the pandemic will inevitably impact 5G deployment plans and present...

The country’s lock down is creating loss of business, income and jobs for many, translating into the inability – or fear of – keeping up with payments. So how can...

Insurance expert, Paul Wishman looks into the cyber threats that may affect the insurance industry and ways they should be looking to protect themselves

Insurers watch out for the nudge!

Paul Dix
Paul Dix

Insurance expert, Paul Dix, discusses whether Personal Lines Insurers should pay more attention to nudge economics, rather than regulatory action.

Voice tech - Are you getting the right information to your customers, right now and in the right way?

Andy Searle
Andy Searle

Andy Searle discusses how voice technology could be useful in the insurance industry to help with the rise in customer enquiries whilst it grapples with the Coronavirus.

A lunchtime disrupted - time for Request for Payment

Philip Skinner
Philip Skinner

Phil Skinner discusses how much easier payments will be with request for payment.

Long live voice – sorry digits

Paul Wishman
Paul Wishman

Paul Wishman looks at the increase of voice and 5G technology at this busy time of the year.

Is the Lloyd’s Blueprint digital lipstick on a legacy pig?

Juliette Lockstone

Lloyd’s Blueprint One has set out a series of deliverables to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the world’s oldest Insurance exchange. Our insurance expert considers how Lloyd’s see their...