Before COVID-19, 5G was a priority not only for most mobile network operators but also for government and industry. Now, the pandemic will inevitably impact 5G deployment plans and present...

Takeaways from the recent annual Healthcare Excellence Through Technology HETT conference and what they mean for CGI and our clients.

The January Cabinet reshuffle saw Jeremy Hunt adding long-term care funding responsibility to his health portfolio and gaining a minister of state for health and social care. It was a...

How can we meet the challenge of social care?

Michael Herron
Michael Herron

Caring for older and vulnerable citizens is one of greatest challenges facing societies in the prosperous western world today. We all know the population is ageing but the rate of...

It’s time to take the ‘A’ out of A&E

Michael Herron
Michael Herron

Improving access to healthcare is one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS. Wide variations in demand make it hard for trusts to predict and provide cover. In winter, the...

Healthcare delivery for the digital age

Michael Herron
Michael Herron

Society makes greater demands on healthcare all the time: demands that can only be satisfied through a wholesale transformation of how healthcare services are delivered. Designed in the post-war world...

Future Cities – Is it time to dream big?

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CGI's IoT Practice

A coordinated approach has the potential to deliver results that exceed those generated by individual projects alone.

Transforming UK healthcare providers

Michael Herron
Michael Herron

There’s no denying the reach of the NHS: most people in the UK, at one point or another, have relied on it for healthcare. But just as doctors today are...