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How to provide needs-based services to citizens? And how to make elevator maintenance even smarter? These real-life challenges were solved in Junction 2021. Read below to see highlights from the event! 

Junction is the largest hackathon in Europe. In 2021 it was organized as a hybrid event with a virtual platform and physical hacking hubs all around the world.

CGI took part in the hackathon as a main partner: we had two hacking challenges for the teams in co-operation with KONE and City of Turku, a booth at the Aalto Hub in Otaniemi, and our very own radio show CGI On Air with Junction which served as a pre-party for the exciting hackathon weekend.

People at CGI's booth in Junction hackathon 2021


Preventing loneliness and unnecessary maintenance visits

This year we joined forces with our clients City of Turku and KONE. We had two different challenges, both focusing on real life issues.

  • The challenge with City of Turku was Preventing loneliness and social isolation. How could we recommend needs-based services to a person living alone?
  • The goal in our Sky(scraper)-is-the-limit challenge with KONE was that a technician is never sent to the field without an actual upcoming maintenance need. The task was to recognize which service action recommendations were relevant and make maintenance services even smarter.
Clients from KONE and City of Turku tell about the Junction hackathon challenges

Jaakko Uusitalo from KONE and Tarja Vuorinen from City of Turku tell about the Junction hackathon challenges.


Talented teams amazed the judges

Both CGI challenges tempted the hackathon teams. All in all we had about 30 teams working on solving the two challenges. The weekend was full of tricky questions for our mentors, great moments of insight, and late nights of coding. Just the way we like it!

Junction Hackathon challenge winners - City of Turku

The Chain of Support - winning team for City of Turku's challenge. The team consisted of five members, one of them missing from this picture.



First prize in Preventing loneliness and social isolation challenge went to solution called The Chain of Support. The team tackled the problem of loneliness by connecting people to activities that let them explore themselves and connect with others. This happens through link coordinators or consultants who understand the people, and machine learning models which suggest activities.

Team Finnish Fast was awarded with second prize. Their solution was a language learning bootcamp, where unemployed immigrants would learn Finnish on a working proficiency within 3 months.


Junction Hackathon challenge winners - KONE

Team ElevAI's state-of-the-art solution won the Best Performing and Most Explainable Model category in the KONE challenge. Check out their portfolio here.



In Sky(scraper)-is-the-limit challenge we had two recognition categories: The Best Performing and Most Explainable Model and Out of the box Thinking.

Team ElevAI won the Best Performing and Most Explainable Model category. Their technical design and implementation were almost state of the art level. Besides the really well performing model, the judges were impressed with out of the box thinking that the team presented with augmented reality.

Out of the box Thinking prize was given to S.H.I.E.L.D - Safety Helmet with Intelligent Embedded Lighting Device. This team offered a totally new concept and promising product in maintenance field. The team combined many different ideas and technologies in the solution like speech-to-text, AR camera, gesture recognition and smart helmet.


Congratulations to all the winning teams and thank you to all teams who took part in our challenges!

CGI On Air radio show at Junction 2021


CGI On Air kickstarted the hackathon weekend

On Friday afternoon we organized CGI's own radio show CGI On Air with Junction. The online radio show was broadcasted from the Aalto Hub, boosting up the atmosphere and mood at rainy Otaniemi.

Thank you to all our great radio guests for interesting interviews, Futucast podcast hosts who hosted the show, and electronic music producer Yotto for crowning the event with his live DJ set of deep house tunes!

Images from CGI On Air with Junction radio show
From the top left:
Jasper Kurjenniemi, Head of Business Development at Junction, was interviewed in the radio show.
Members from CGI's cyber security team.
Isak Rautio and Willian von der Pahlen hosted the radio show.
Yotto played 1 hour DJ set of deep house tunes.


We're looking for Future Talents to join us

For CGI, hackathons are a way to build new encounters with talented creators.

As a big employer in the field of IT, we can offer interesting clients, meaningful projects, versatile teams and innovative technology for not only seasoned IT professionals, but bright future talents as well.

Our Future Talent trainee program will open on December 13, 2021. We are looking to hire +100 new talents. Could you be one of them?

Read more about the Future Talent trainee program and apply!


CGI:n blogi - kirjoituksia eri asiantuntijoilta

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