Aliisa Hellström

Aliisa Hellström

Employer Branding Specialist

When Nana Tweneboa-Kodua began his studies in Finland in 2014, he thought he would have a career as a teacher. Little did he know that technology would grow on him, and a new era would begin.

For the past few months, Nana Tweneboa-Kodua has been working with OMNI360 service platform for welfare sector and hospitals as a Future Talent trainee. His weekly tasks include monitoring the production environment, deploying updates to production environment and resolving tickets for the electronic patient record system.

“I saw CGI as a place where I could develop my skills” he says, adding that he has also discovered a variety of courses on CGI Academia training platform. At CGI we believe that 70% of learning comes from doing, 20% comes from others and 10% comes from formal training. Nana shares this mindset. He has daily meetings, production reviews and discussions with other team members. “In an entry-level job, you learn a lot from your peers, and they can help you troubleshoot”.

Welcoming and flexible work environment

“From the moment I arrived at CGI, I felt warmly welcomed”, recalls Nana when he got his own badge on his very first day.

Not only the sense of belonging but also the culture of ownership is a good fit for Nana. With CGI’s Share Purchase Plan, every employee, every member, can be a shareholder. “This is one way to be part of CGI”, he points out.

Nana enjoys the flexibility of working from anywhere. Expanding his knowledge and finding new technical skills is the source of energy that keeps Nana going. “I experience CGI more like a learning environment than a company”, he says. He also likes to spend time at the office gym, which helps him to reset after the day.

Diving into technology

The last nine years in Finland have been a journey. In 2014 Nana moved to Finland to start studying physics at the University of Eastern Finland. Later, he studied learning and education at the University of Oulu. He admits that when he came to Finland, he thought that teaching would be the next step after his studies. At some point he realized that the field of technology felt tempting, and he decided to follow that intuition. “This is what I want to do. Let’s do this!”, he thought.

Finding your first job in a new field in a foreign country is not always easy. Nana was persistently applying for IT jobs and suddenly he saw that CGI was hiring students and recent graduates. He thought about it for a few days and decided to apply for a Future Talent trainee position. Then one day, while he was feeding his daughter, his phone rang, and he was called in for an interview. Suddenly all the hard work made sense and things clicked the way they were supposed to.

Going forward, Nana is passionate about growing in the DevOps and he’s focused on professional development. This is just the beginning!

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Aliisa Hellström

Aliisa Hellström

Employer Branding Specialist

Työssäni pääsen kertomaan uniikeista erityispiirteistämme työnantajana. On aina ilo kuulla omilta osaajiltamme heidän inspiroivista uratarinoistaan, ja siitä miksi he viihtyvät niin hyvin meillä CGI:llä.