Aliisa Hellström

Aliisa Hellström

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Krishna Komanduru joined CGI as a Senior Data Engineer two years ago. Now Krishna opens his career path from India to Finland and shares his experiences of what is it like to work in data engineering.

Joining the IT sector was a no-brainer for Krishna because he was interested in PCs already when he was little. He got to know their family’s computer functionalities at a very young age.

“As a kid, I always liked computers. I feel like my school and career steps have gone that way ever since. Later on, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in computer science”, Krishna describes how he ended up in data engineering.

“I started as a software consultant in India 10 years ago. I came to Finland in 2018 as part of my assignment at that time.” Now, Krishna helps client organizations by building and maintaining data pipelines for business use cases and managing data systems.

Improving data pipelines and learning soft skills

Even though data engineering tasks are mostly focused on technical solutions, for example building better data pipelines, Krishna can mention a load of non-technical skills he has learned during the last years.

“I have mentored others and passed on my knowledge. That’s also great practice for networking skills. In my opinion, peer support and mentoring are a crucial part of learning and working together in a diverse team.”

When Krishna joined CGI two years ago, COVID-19 shook the world, but not even that could slow Krishna down with his fresh career at CGI. “I have to say that my supervisor was really understanding when my starting got delayed because of the cancelled flights and the world situation in general. That is just one example of why I have felt that the environment here is really flexible.”

Same title – two different projects

Krishna works in a CGI business unit called Innovation Centre of Excellence, more specifically in Advanced Analytics Solutions unit. This unit with 65 CGI members has a strong background in data, analytics, and AI management which actually has roots in a start-up that was later acquired by CGI.

As in many other projects, team work is gold in data engineering, too. “In IT, it is very common to work in different teams and with various clients.”

Senior Data Engineer’s job is usually independent. Currently, Krishna works in two different projects, and splits his time with a German and a Finnish client. Krishna enjoys the varying nature of working in very different projects: when working on two different projects, it is almost like having two roles.


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Aliisa Hellström

Aliisa Hellström

Employer Branding Specialist

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