Application Features and Benefits

The modular components of CGI’s state-of-the-art rating, billing and order management solution

CGI’s Tapestry solution is made-up of modular components that easily and cost-effectively integrate into your existing applications. Here is a description of Tapestry and all of its order management, rating and billing components and solutions.

Tapestry is CGI’s state-of-the-art rating, billing and order management solution suite supporting convergent solutions and enterprise order management. Installed and proven in Europe and North America, Tapestry is available as an integrated suite or via modular solutions. The quadruple-play solution is cost-effective and efficient. It easily integrates with clients’ existing solutions and promotes the rapid introduction of products and services without the need of code changes.

Correspondence Creator produces a variety of media outputs and types for all service and customer types. Working with fully integrated, third-party formatting software, Correspondence Creator creates integrated, logically organized invoices and reports that customers can easily understand and use to make decisions about new ways to structure their services packages. Using Correspondence Creator, new and customized layouts can be created easily.

Event Pricer performs real-time rating, pricing and discounting for convergent communications services. Built with a highly flexible and robust object-oriented architecture, Event Pricer handles customers' usage, non-usage and other event information from across your organization to enable creative and competitive pricing and discounting for the total service package.

Product Portfolio is a graphical entry point for all product and pricing information. This object-oriented and rules-based module enables you to rapidly offer truly convergent packages by bundling any combination of services for each customer. It works in conjunction with an event-rating application and customer care applications, and can serve as the basis for a central, synchronized catalog for your entire product base.

Order Acquisition Manager is a highly configurable web-based application that supports order and account management out-of-the-box, and can be rapidly configured to fit specific clients’ requirements. Order Acquisition Manager stores customer information across all areas of your business in a central repository allowing for an integrated, real-time view of your customers. It provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and configurability, allowing you to quickly implement an end-user experience tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Service Manager streamlines product and service provisioning by managing all aspects of the processes associated with order fulfillment. It addresses the complexity of a “quad-play" product environment and operates within the context of your existing fulfillment environment. It also supports a “no touch" provisioning model, automatically validating order requests via user defined business rules. If order fallout does occur, it is managed and reduced through alarm notifications and user controlled error handling processes.

Adjunct Rater: Tapestry’s adjunct rating solution works in conjunction with your present billing system. Instead of replacing what you have spent time and money adapting to your environment, Adjunct Rater extends your billing system’s functionality and provides the means necessary to take advantage of the promises of convergence. By utilizing Tapestry’s flexible frameworks for service and event creation, Adjunct Rater can be configured to rate services based on multiple, or new, event attributes.

Rating and Billing: Tapestry’s Rating and Billing solution provides out-of-the-box convergence billing (triple and quadruple play) that supports the rapid introduction of tailored “next generation" product bundles, services and price plans.

Order Management: Tapestry’s Order Management solution is a powerful suite of components that can be inserted into the OSS stack to address convergence and order fall-out. It includes components that cover order entry and customer management, product catalog and order provisioning functions.

Tapestry® is a registered trademark of CGI Group Inc.