Consumers now expect to be able to access a full array of bank services around the clock. Whether checking a balance, transferring money between accounts, paying a friend, paying a bill, or making an online purchase, they don’t expect to wait until the next morning. They want to complete their business immediately and through the most convenient channel. This presents significant challenges for financial institutions whose payment infrastructures are not yet ready to satisfy these expectations and provide real-time payments and information.

This paper provides a framework for organizations evaluating methods to meet real-time payment demands. It covers the following:

  1. Global trend towards the adoption of real-time payments
  2. Implications and challenges for banks
  3. What banks should expect from a real-time payments solution
  4. CGI’s BESS All Payments solution

CGI’s BESS All Payments solution is a “best of breed” option for your participation in real-time payments. From a technical viewpoint, it’s architected using state-of-the-art technology to deliver high performance and provide true 24/7/365, non-stop availability. It’s also highly scalable and can be deployed using multiple options. In addition, it can be delivered either on a bank’s premises or is available via the Microsoft Azure cloud.

From an operational viewpoint, BESS All Payments can be provided as an off-the-shelf modular solution, with minimal impact on existing systems and can provide 24/7/365 operation through its stand-in processing capability. It’s a fully scheme compliant solution, achieving a market leading low total cost of ownership and service optimization.

From a delivery viewpoint, the solution is implemented by a team of CGI experts with extensive domain know-how and a proven track record for delivering quality solutions on time and within budget. CGI also provides the advantages of a true local presence.

CGI’s BESS All Payments solution provides everything needed for successful real-time payments processing.

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