Changing Views, Changing Direction

Delivering healthcare is one of the most complex human activities. In recent decades, major transitions have taken place in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and treatments resulting in shorter length of stay in healthcare facilities. The current transition to more personalized care and to longer term managed care pathways means that healthcare IT systems are changing direction.

But this change may not happen smoothly. Conventional IT debates about healthcare infrastructure, database, application and user training are based on the priority of organizations. Typically only a few people are interested in the finer details and the value this adds to the healthcare delivery.

Technical design of healthcare IT is just one aspect. Considerable effort is put into complying with policy, finding funds and convincing senior “clinical champions” to lead and motivate colleagues to use these systems. In general, the process of introducing IT systems in healthcare is frustrating, often due to changing specifications and expectations during the extended delivery processes. And now the healthcare professionals and technology planners are pressured by the public, patients and their family and friends to introduce reforms.

CGI can help

As a major supplier to health systems integration and business services, we have considerable experience in developing and integrating innovative business, clinical and IT solutions for patient-centric care management, electronic medical records, healthcare administration, health information exchange, health analytics, enterprise content management, military health, public health, translational research and pharma and life sciences.

As an example, our innovative e-CareLogic solution provides a proven approach to information aggregation and portals, supporting clinical processes and patient management across multiple locations by releasing and reusing existing information both for patient care and organizational management.

We welcome the chance to be a part of a new enlightenment for each player in the healthcare ecosystem, from governments to enterprises to individuals.

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