The Patient at the Heart of Care

Quality healthcare is one of the most important factors in how individuals perceive their quality of life. In most countries, alongside the economy, it is the major political issue. In some countries, the healthcare delivery organization is a part of the national identity. CGI believes it is time for a new enlightenment in every aspect of the healthcare ecosystem, where every player, from governments to enterprises to individuals, is involved in improving healthcare. This is part of a series of white papers on key aspects affecting the move toward an Enlightened Healthcare Ecosystem. The other two papers focus on the Convergence of Health and Pharma and the need for Innovation in Health IT.

Governments and healthcare organizations need partners that can help them understand how the healthcare landscape is changing, and how to make the most of the emerging trends and technology.

With deep experience in developing and integrating business, clinical and IT solutions for public and private sector health organizations across Europe and North America, CGI helps clients anticipate challenges and achieve real transformation. Additionally, our client proximity business model promotes understanding of local markets and political environments while leveraging CGI's global capabilities and delivery systems to provide best-fit solutions that are cost-effective and platform-agnostic.

We offer focused expertise and innovative solutions for patient-centric care management, electronic medical records, healthcare administration, health information exchange, health insurance exchange, health analytics, enterprise content management, military health, public health, translational research and pharma and life sciences. We welcome the chance to be a part of a new enlightenment for each player in the healthcare ecosystem, from governments to enterprises to individuals.

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