Based in Warren, New Jersey, the Chubb Corporation is ranked among the top ten publicly traded insurance organizations in the U.S. Members of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies form a multi-billion dollar organization providing property and casualty insurance for personal and commercial customers worldwide through 5,000 independent agents and brokers. Chubb's networks include branches and affiliates throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.

The Challenge
When CGI held its annual seminar for Ratabase clients in April 2001, it announced that it was beginning the necessary work to integrate XML technology (Extensible Markup Language) with its Ratabase product, a rating and scoring engine that reduces time required to develop and support insurance rating process.  This announcement was welcomed news for Chubb, which needed a more cost-efficient way to collect and distribute data in order to be more competitive and provide accurate quotes on-line.

How CGI Helped
In 2002, CGI and Chubb met to discuss how the interface would be customized to fit their requirements.  Fortunately, CGI had a generic adapter component in place, meaning they did not have to start from square one in the customization process.  After demonstrating XML's suitability for Ratabase, CGI successfully integrated the XML adapter with the Calculator component on the AIX platform. CGI then developed an MQ XML message-handling component and customized it to Chubb's environment to further facilitate integration of the Calculator component into Chubb's mainframe and AIX server-based solution.

The Results
By July 2002, CGI had completed the XML conversion within the prescribed deadline.  With XML, Chubb can now give their agents on-line quotes that are accurate and changes in rating criteria can be done instantaneously.  Chubb could now ensure regulatory compliance, since both the mainframe and the server components are in sync in terms of the AIX XML calculator component.  Also, CGI’s help provided further added benefits for Chubb:

  • Eliminated need to duplicate the entry of rates and formulas in the system
  • Maintenance, cost and human resource savings

The bottom line: Chubb Group Insurance Companies gained a competitive edge without incurring additional costs.

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