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Orlando Health, Inc. (Orlando Health) is a private, not-for-profit health care leader that provides services to nearly 2 million Central Florida residents and 4,500 international visitors annually

The Challenge
Faced with a growing census and HIM coding workload, Orlando Health partnered with CGI to address their increased coding volumes and compliance needs.

In addition to being challenged with an absence of qualified coding expertise in its own region, Orlando Health needed to close the gap between patient discharge and final coding; acquire 24/7 coding support, particularly on weekends and holidays; and address a variety of supply and demand issues that plague many healthcare providers and health information management departments nationwide. 

How CGI Helped
CGI and Orlando Health worked together to monitor the quality of CGI’s two-step quality assurance coding process. The client visited the CGI coding operations center in India to validate CGI’s onshore and offshore coding solution and services were HIPAA compliant. Additionally, CGI’s AHIMA credentialed (100% CCS) coding staff was trained on Orlando Health’s charts and coding processes. This collaborative effort highlighted the quality of coding services that CGI offers.

The Results
Orlando Health’s coding needs continue to be addressed 24/7, including holidays and weekends. This mitigates the risks associated with fluctuations in patient volumes and service interruptions (due to inclement weather which often affect the region). CGI’s Coding Services helps Orlando Health achieve the following:

  • Average coding accuracy of 98% or higher
  • Improved coding turnaround time – less than 24 hours
  • Reduction in DNFB and AR days held for coding
  • Cost savings by utilizing off shore services and taking advantage of reduced  pricing

The bottom line: CGI offers Orlando Health a high quality ICD 9 coding solution that addresses their volume growth and their need to be current with their coding at all times.

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