Ireland’s Insurers ProductWriter conversion

Inse-Com (Insurer Standards in E-Commerce) was founded in 1999 as Ireland’s Insurer Standards Body, representing 98% of the market.

The Challenge
In order to meet the demands of a changing marketplace, Inse-Com needed to convert its retail insurance to the electronic market place and distribute products using Polaris’ technical platform, a system governed by ProductWriter. After several meetings with insurers and Inse-Come, CGI became the recommended supplier of ProductWriter consultancy.

How CGI Helped
In leveraging its consultancy expertise, CGI provided project management and quality control for four insurers. In May 1999, CGI began work to implement quotation and new business processes in ProductWriter. This phase wound up in November 1999 for CGI, while insurers tested the product builds and development of the broker system and RTE integration continued.

The Results
By early 2001, ten of eleven insurers had joined Inse-Com and are now in a position to deliver their product changes electronically using ProductWriter. Feedback on the results of the project has been overwhelmingly positive.

The bottom line: In this dynamic initiative, CGI-Europe's reputation for expertise in the insurance industry opened the door to a new opportunity in Ireland, as the country's retail insurance sector converts to the electronic marketplace.

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